Modern AI adds great value at the cost of computing power. To unleash its full potential you need the right combination of the algorithms and tailored hardware.

Turation is an R&D studio solving machine learning and hardware challenges.


AI to Market

We offer bespoke software-hardware solutions in AI to bring automation to a new level across industries and enable intelligent functions on any device.









and Logistics

We are Professionals in Co-Design

Why algorithm-hardware co-design matters:

  • Optimize your AI model to run in real time and at low power on edge, embedded or mobile device​

  • Improve the efficiency of your AI cloud service with FPGA​

  • Get a custom chip to enable AI in your product


AI Model Development:

GPU, GPU Cloud

AI Model Optimisation:

Edge, Mobile and Embedded Devices

AI Model & Hardware Co-Design:


How We Work

We carefully analyse your problem and build the team perfectly matched with your needs.

Stage 0

Express analysis or

feasibility study


Stage 1

Estimation of time,

 budget & team composition

Stage 2

Assemble & scale team using Turation

expert pool

Stage 3




Why Turation


distributed team

Get access to top talents from anywhere and forget the borders!
We are around the globe and work around the clock


for challenge

We are professionals in solving problems we have never met before

High profile


We have the true talents recognised with international & national awards,

researchers from top labs and local connections to 8 unis from top-100



We developed AI chips and trained

AI for smart manufacturing


for result



We did R&D for the fusion reactor

and quantum computing

You do not pay for the time

but for the result


Machine Learning

Our Services:

We offer our services on the development of applied machine learning solutions and AI software-hardware systems on the project basis:

  • AI-powered visual inspection and quality control

  • Intelligent video surveillance

  • Advanced video analytics

  • Smart image processing

  • Integration of software and hardware for AI systems

  • Optimisation of ML models for efficient inference on edge,

       embedded and mobile devices

Hardware Development

Our Services:

We offer our services on the development of hardware accelerators for image/video processing, machine learning, digital signal processing and digital communication on the project basis. You get the complete system or subsystem delivered or delegate  the particular phase of the development cycle:

  • FPGA/ASIC architecture, design and verification (SystemVerilog, UVM, SVA, C++, SystemC, HLS)

  • FPGA in the cloud: FPGA as a service or porting IP-core into the cloud for

         your demo

  • Development of hardware accelerators to reach better performance per price or per energy consumption

  • Continuous integration for hardware development


Our Services:

  • Development and training of hardware-friendly deep neural network models using optimization techniques such as quantization, pruning, compression

  • Development of fixed/floating-point hardware-friendly math models for DSP or image/video processing kernels in SciPy, Matlab or Octave

  • Algorithm optimisation/redesign for hardware implementation on FPGA/eASIC/ASIC

  • Development of hardware micro-architecture tailored to the algorithm and its performance/power model using Python/C++/SystemC

  • Development of bit-accurate C++ models for hardware verification

  • Design and verification of hardware kernel/core/processor using SystemVerilog/HLS

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Our Services:

We conduct commercial applied research in machine learning,

digital signal processing and hardware acceleration on the project basis

which may be a preliminary stage of a bigger project or standalone research project:

  • Research on a specific topic: find a way to solve the complex applied problem

  • Express analysis: get quick analytics and advice to make an educated and on-time decision

  • Feasibility study: reduce uncertainty and get insight to boost your progress​

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