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AIoT Solutions

Defect Detection and Classification

Edge AI makes online defect detection and classification possible even at high speeds and large volumes. Staying always connected, it provides feedback signals to machinery and updates for operators in real time. This improves quality, reduces waste, and keeps data security under full control.​

Counting and Sorting

AI technologies enable localising, instant counting and sorting items of multiple categories in the same scene. Being deployed at the edge and connected, AI can cope with high-speed conveyors, control robots with low latency and high reliability, and enable real-time monitoring and alerting.​

AIoT Solutions
Video analytics solutions UK

Intelligent Video Analytics

Embedded AI turns cameras into intelligent sensors streaming not raw video but only extracted insights. It enables automatic recognition of complex events of interest, preserves privacy, and improves network scalability. Decision makers receive aggregated insights in real time. 

Predictive Maintenance

AIoT augments expensive equipment and complex buildings with intelligence. Sensor data streams are analysed in real time and immediate actions may be taken even without human intervention. Smart self-diagnostic results can be accessed remotely or collected automatically.

AIoT solutions

Conversational AI and Audio-Visual HMI​

AI understands natural language and improves customer experience, internal communications or human-machine interactions. Integrated into worksite environment, enterprise IT system or user app, it is always around to help. Combining Natural Language Processing with Computer Vision opens even greater opportunities.​

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Defect Detection 

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