Start Your Digital Transformation with Turation


Turation team has decades of combined experience in innovations, deep-tech and R&D. We know everything about conducting research, making proofs-of-concepts and prototypes, and building innovative solutions. We understand the challenges that innovation faces on its way to the market and how to deal with uncertainty and risks in such ventures. Our team is more than happy to share its unique experience and knowledge and help your business thrive through innovation:​

Development of AI strategy and roadmap to transform your enterprise​​​

​Bespoke seminars and webinars on AI topic of interest for your organisation​​​

​Feasibility studies for AI and IoT projects​​

​Bespoke research to find an innovative AI solution for your business problem​​

​​​Technology due diligence in AI, IoT and Hardware domains for VC


Our team is highly skilled in applied machine learning and deep learning, including both software and hardware, and we do know how to move from the research stage to proof-of-concept to production and deployment. Whether your R&D team lacks particular expertise in machine learning or your machine learning researchers need any help with the production side of machine learning, Turation is ready to assist you with turning your machine learning project into profit. We provide machine learning engineering services that allow your team to stay focused on what really matters in your project:

Machine learning model training, validation, testing and fine-tuning​​

Machine learning model benchmarking and profiling​

Optimisation of machine learning models for cost- and power-efficient inference on edge, embedded and mobile devices and new AI chips

Synthetic data sets, data augmentation and pre-processing

​Data collection and labelling

Machine learning model integration and deployment, including CI/CD

Machine Learning



Hardware specification, selection, configuration and system integration for your project

Hardware benchmarking and tuning​

Optimisation of your software or algorithm for efficient execution on edge, embedded and mobile devices

Architecture modelling, design, verification and DevOps for FPGA and ASIC projects

We have rich experience and thorough expertise in computer hardware and digital electronics, including embedded systems and IoT, FPGA and ASIC design and building custom hardware accelerators for machine learning, video and digital signal processing. Strong and unique competence in software-hardware co-design allows us to meet even extreme requirements to the computing system on speed, power consumption and latency. If your project involves hardware, Turation is always a reliable service provider: