Turation joins Global Graphics Partner Network

Turation is excited to join the Global Graphics Partner Network! Global Graphics Software is one of the world’s foremost experts in inject-printing, PDF and digital document software. Through various printing technologies, Global Graphics adds value to solutions marketed by the world’s leading brands, including HP, Canon, Durst, Roland, Kodak and Agfa. Mass-personalised/customised products at near mass-production prices is the Holy Grail for retailers. The Global Graphics SmartDFE is a full software and hardware stack from a single supplier that adds print to the fully automated smart factory. Adding SmartDFE to the product now gives a single solution that can deliver everything from mass production to mass customisation at the same cost as current print systems. Turation adaptable AI, ready to tackle any challenges of mass customisation, contributes to SmartDFE data processing to enable solutions for services such as the predictive maintenance and quality control of printing systems. We look forward to working together and developing innovative solutions for future markets.