Car Factory

Smart Factory

Industry 4.0,

connects machines and people with real-time data streams, and drastically improves the visibility and transparency of all processes, creating "glass" factories. It facilitates decision-making and boosts business efficiency.

With the recent advances in AI,

factories get smarter as many low-level decisions may be taken by AI without human intervention and AI is capable of processing an increasing amount of data that people can not cope with. This improves quality and productivity, reduces material waste and machine downtime.


is well versed in digital and AI technologies for industrial automation and offers its consulting and contracting services ranging from individual consultations to bespoke automation projects.


Our team is more than happy to share its unique experience and knowledge and help your business thrive through its digital and AI transformation

Consultation on

digital & AI transformation for

your business​

Digitalisation and

data usage health check​

Potential AI use cases

scoping and feasibility studies​​

​Digital & AI

transformation roadmap

Digitalisation and data

management projects for

a "glass" factory

AI pilots and bespoke

solutions for your organisation

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